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    I guess my question is I want to further understand why we need to do this? I was advised that we need to just place a estimated burn rate in the modification because the FAR states we need to put a schedule in. I guess my understanding of this clause was to make sure the contractor is tracking funding. How I read the clause for that section is it states to replace the word Task Order for the word schedule if its a task order. So if that were the case (a)(1) states the estimated cost specified in the task order. So we always put the estimated cost or the amount that we are putting on contract in the continuation page but, I don't understand why we need to put schedule. Please help me understand why were written up for not including a schedule on every incremental funding Mod that we have.


    The term "Schedule" as used in the clause has nothing to do with "burn rate" or any other measure of the timing of work completion. As defined at FAR 15.204-2, the Schedule consists of sections A-H of the contract format.

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