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    Does the updated threshold apply to individual task orders, even though the basic contract was initially awarded before 7/1/18? We've always requested CCPD for TOs exceeding $750K. Am I awarding a prime contract after 1 July 2018 when I award a TO?


    If the pricing of the task order was analyzed with the submission of CCPD for the basic contract, there is no need to require additional CCPD when awarding the task order. The cost and pricing elements of the task order should have already been determined fair and reasonable when the basic contract was awarded.  However, if the task order includes new work that was not covered by the initial CCPD, then yes...the task order proposal would require additional CCPD submission if it is over the new threshold of $2 million. A task order falls under the FAR Part 2 definition of "contract."

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