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    ASIOE is not on the End Item drawing therefore we do not list it in the COEI list in the Technical Manual. It is shown in the narrative (remove/replace) procedures. Where else should it be listed? Should it be in the BII list? Or, listed in the TM References list where associated TMs are shown?


    Organization requirements documents provide planned placement of quantities of new equipment and associated items of equipment and personnel (ASIOEP), as well as the reciprocal displacement of equipment and personnel; capabilities, organizational structure, and the minimum mission essential wartime requirement (MMEWR) (both personnel and equipment) necessary for a military unit to accomplish its doctrinal mission; and mission essential
    wartime position requirements for combat, combat support (CS), and combat service support (CSS) functions in tables of organization and equipment (TOEs). The TOEs provide a record of approved sound doctrinal organizational structure, mission, and capabilities (Section I), personnel (Section II), and equipment requirements (Section III). Basis of Issue Plans (BOIPs) are used to plan and manage the introduction of developmental and non-developmental items (NDIs) of equipment, make administrative changes, and implement notification of future changes (NOFC) to the 611 series of Army regulations. Types of organization requirements documents are TOE and BOIP. The BOIPs are source documents for changes to TOE, TDA, augmentation TDA, joint tables of distribution (JTD), and additive operational projects (ADOP). The TOEs are the basis for an authorization document.  Both AR 71-32 and AR 570-4 are germane and inform documentation of ASIOE(s).

    ASIOE are initially identified by the materiel developer for directly related equipment and by the capability developers, and training developers for organizational related equipment. TRADOC will provide feedback to the materiel developer.  ASIOE are included in the BOIP of the item that drives the requirement(s). ASIOE requirements are subject to change based on the BOIP impact as they are sequenced into modernization paths. ASIOE will be documented separately and accounted for separately. 

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