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    What instruction or guidance is dictating me to write ESPs for prime contracts and sub contracts?


    There is indeed and it’s DCMA-INST 207, dated 8 December 2014.  The instruction is very informative.  Under para 2.4.2, it says “[the engineer shall] Review assigned contracts for production, Engineering, and program management requirements applicable to contractors and as applicable to subcontractors.” If DCMA requested one for the one or more subcontractors, it would be considered “required.”  Keeping in mind that the purpose of a Surveillance Plan is to ensure contractual compliance and adequacy, please remember to connect it to objective measures such as processes, product deliverables and events—and, that’s where the EBST comes in.  Think of an ESP like it’s your roadmap that will help guide you in your overall engineering assessment of the contractor’s performance that confirms whether or not the contractor is meeting their engineering contractual obligations (i.e. ”…to design, develop, test, produce, and deliver uniquely Government-specified hardware and/or software.”) —and not going off the rails.

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