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    Is a MIPR or DD Form 1391 sufficient to show proof of funding for a Contracting Officer to issue a solicitation or request for proposal? Where is the regulation/guidance?


    According to DAU Acquipedia, a military interdepartmental purchase requests (MIPR) is an available method for Department of Defense (DoD) entities to execute funding transactions with available budget authority.  MIPRs are used by DoD entities when they have requirements for materials, supplies, or services through Other Government Agencies (including DoD agencies and other non-DoD agencies).
    The DD Form 448 and DD Form 448-2 are the documents associated with a MIPR.  Whereas the DD Form 448 is the official request document (completed by requesting/ordering entity - herein referred to as "requesting entity"), the DD Form 448-2 is the official acceptance document (completed by assisting/servicing/performing entity - herein referred to as "performing entity").  Funding associated with MIPRs is "committed" once the requesting entity completes official funds certification action to administratively reserve funds within its financial management system.  Depending on each situation and agency involved, a MIPR can be accepted by the performing agency either "direct cite" method or "reimbursable" method.  Acquipedia discusses in more detail the "direct cite" vice "reimbursable" method and provides best practices, tools, templates and other articles on the subject.
    According to the U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville, a DD FORM 1391 is used by the Department of Defense to submit requirements and justifications in support of funding requests for military construction to Congress. The DD Form 1391 Processor System is the web-accessible system that assists users in preparing, submitting, reviewing, correcting, printing and archiving DD Forms 1391 and their related data, in accordance with Army Regulation 420-1, "Army Facilities Management."
    The following excerpt is from the Congressional Research Service on Military Construction (please see attached): 
    2. What is a Department of Defense Form 1391 (DD 1391)?
    Department of Defense Form 1391 (also known as DD 1391) is a form that originates at the installation level and is used by DOD as a programming document to request construction funding from Congress. The form is used to explain each proposed construction project individually and includes a cost estimate, description of proposed construction, requirement, current situation, impact on operations if the project is not approved, and any useful supplemental data. Appendix C presents an example of a completed DD 1391.
    Therefore, the DD 1391 is not considered a signed funding document and should not be accepted as a funding document.  The DD 1391 is a planning and estimate document only.  The actual approval is not on the form but in the MILCON appropriations act each FY.  A PR&C would be required.

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