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    I read the previous post regarding the development and application of Depot Maintenance Work Requirements (DMWR), noticed that the explanation referenced to Army Equipment and made no mention of the other services. Additionally the reference MIL-PRF-63012B is applicable to Army and Navy and is solely directed at Conventional Ammunition. Is there a standard to which the DMWR is to be developed? MIL-STD-40051-2C? Is there guidance or policy regarding all services adoption and application of DMWR. Does the Title 10 application to Depot level work mandate DMWR or can other documentation support depot level work such as an SOP?


    The preparation of DMWR's are guided by MIL-PRF-63012B and MIL-STD-40051-2C and any service specific policies of Standard Operating Policies (SOPs).  The exact nature of the documentation, its preparation, use, and applicability are at the discretion of the individual service, unless dictated otherwise by DoD.

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