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    In compliance with FAR 15.401(b)(2)(iv) and 15.401(b)(2)(vi), is it acceptable to use GSA Schedule prices (from GSA CALC or eLibrary) to determine a fair and reasonable price prior to exercising an option?


    The answer depends on whether or not you are exercising a GSA or non-GSA action.  The references state ..."even though GSA has determined schedule prices to be fair and reasonable, DoD staff must make their own determination..."
    So if you have a GSA scheduled action and you want to exercise the option, you must use comparable prices from other sources (market research, published prices lists, catalogs, FAR 15-404-1(b)(2) ) to determine fair and reasonable.  But conversely, if you have a non-GSA contract, then you can use GSA scheduled prices as comparison for determining fair and reasonable.  The intent of the rule ensures market research is being done, even in the presence of a GSA price schedule. 

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