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    What specific steps do we (component SPO/PEM) need to take, and timeline is involved, to: -- request a new PE so we can begin the POM process? -- setup our own R and P forms? -- setup SAR/DAES reporting requirements?


    The process, timeline, and documents required may vary by service.  The response below is for the Air Force.

    Since you are reclassifying from ACAT II to ACAT I, you should be able to retain the same Program Element (PE), but if a new PE is needed, then the Program Element Monitor (PEM) would submit the request with the justification for the new PE to the appropriate Panel.  The Panel is the organization that submits it to the Engine Room and then it goes to Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation (CAPE), who is the approving body on new PEs.  This process should take about 2-3 weeks.  Once OSD approves, the action goes back to the panel who sets up the Automated Budget Interactive Data Environment System (ABIDES) and executes the Zero Balance Transfer (ZBT) to move the money to the new PE.
    The PEM works with the Integrated Budget Documentation and Execution System (IDECS) help desk to set up the required documents, and also works with SAF/AQX to get the program on the Acquisition Master List (AML).  The SPO needs to set up Defense Acquisition Management Information Retrieval (DAMIR) as well for Selected Acquisition Report (SAR)/Defense Acquisition Executive Summary (DAES) reporting.

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