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    Can a BOA have a CLIN even if it seems to be completely informational? How would this CLIN be added to MOCAS?


    This is fairly common for reserved CLINS to be added to a BOA.  Depending on the contract writing system, one must assign an unused CLIN number, either at its inception (i.e. when they did the mod to the BOA or when it is activated (when definitized or used on an Order).  Usually, for example only, I would add CLIN 0005, "Storage of Assets..."  to the BAO agreement, and later add a definitizing CLIN to the BOA Order, I would add a specific CLIN 0005AA " Storage of Asset xyz NSN, etc."  The reserved BOA items may or may not be added to MOCAS, usually not until used, because there is nothing to track or report until used.

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