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    After the termination is complete, can we award to the next lowest bidder since no construction work was performed by the first contractor and since the bid abstract has already been made public with the IGE?


    Yes. I copied content from a Court of Federal Claims ruling that you can use for support. Of course it's always recommended to consult with your organization's legal counsel on matters with legal implications:

    FAR 14.101 does not bar a procuring agency from returning to an earlier stage of the sealed bidding process if the agency is unable to proceed under an awarded contract. In fact, once a procuring agency terminates a contract awarded through the sealed bidding process, there appear to be no legal obstacles preventing the agency from seeking to revive earlier bids. See, e.g., Performance Textiles, Inc., B-256895, 94-2 CPD ¶ 65 (Comp. Gen. Aug. 8, 1994) (holding, when a contract is terminated for default, “that it is reasonable to award a repurchase contract to the next low responsive, responsible bidder on the original solicitation at its original bid price provided that there is a relatively short time span between the original competition and the default and there is a continuing need for the items”); V & Z Heating Corp., B-224725, 86-2 CPD ¶ 472 (Comp. Gen. Oct. 20, 1986) (holding that a procuring agency may permit a second-low bidder to revive its expired bid after terminating the contract awarded to the lowest bidder for the submission of an inadequate bid guarantee, so long as it “would not compromise the integrity of the competitive bidding system” to do so); Architectural Window Sys., Inc., B-213799, 84-1 CPD ¶ 326 (Comp Gen. Mar. 19, 1984) (holding that a procuring agency could, after awarding a contract, seek to revive a withdrawn bid upon determining that the withdrawal of the bid was based on its erroneous interpretation of the IFB); Ubique, Ltd., DOTCAB No. 71-28, 72-1 BCA ¶ 9340 (noting that the procuring agency, after terminating the originally awarded contract for default, awarded a new contract to the second-low bidder after asking the second-low bidder to extend its bid acceptance period); see also Rice Servs., Ltd. v. United States, 25 Cl. Ct. 366, 368 (1992) (holding that the integrity of the competitive acquisition process is not compromised when a procuring agency asks all offerors to revive their proposals after the expiration of the acceptance period); TCA Reservations, Inc., B-218615, 85-2 CPD ¶ 163 (Comp. Gen. Aug. 13, 1985) (“[A] bidder may extend its acceptance period, and thus revive its expired bid, where it offered the acceptance period required by the IFB, and revival of the bid would not compromise the integrity of the competitive bidding process.”).

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