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    I'm updating a Charter for the Joint Staff, Logistics Directorate and it has a reference to the Defense Business Systems Management Committee. Is this still a valid Committee and/or has the name changed? Thanks.


    The question centers around the validity of the Defense Business Systems Management Committee (DBSMC). In the 26 June 2018 Defense Business Systems Investment Management Guidance the Defense Business Systems Management Committee was eliminated in February 2015.  The Defense Business Investment Management Guidance (link to the doc has new processes.  The guidance on page 4 of 54 states:
    Clarifies Covered DBS as it applies in the guidance • Revises thresholds for review/certification: Military Department CMOs have approval authority for DBS investments below $250M/FYDP; DCMO has approval authority for Fourth Estate DBS investments $1M / FYDP and all DBS investments in excess of $250M / FYDP • Implements a process to meet 10 U.S.C. § 2222 requirements for acquisition strategy, required documentation and auditability compliance • Implements the new 10 U.S.C. § 2222 requirement that DoD business processes be continually reviewed and revised by requiring components to report the results of this review as part of their OEP annual review of systems • Codifies Defense Business Council as an advisory authority
    The guidance above should help you with your new Charter.
    I do advise you speak with the CIO of your organization for clarification on the proper approval for the specific system.

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