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    Is there a way to do this? what are the criteria to do so?


    This is a fiscal law question. Because the practice of fiscal law is very much tied to the specifics of any given acquisition scenario, the most direct answer to this question is; talk with your comptroller about this matter.  The regulations supporting this short answer are:
    FAR Subpart 32.7 -- Contract Funding describes the basic requirement for contract funding.  FAR 32.702 prohibits contracting officers from creating or authorizing an obligation in excess of the funds available, or in advance of appropriations, unless otherwise authorized by law.  Fiscal law, of which the Anti-Deficiency Act, 31 U.S.C. 1341 is a foundational element, guides the decisions 'responsible fiscal authorities' make regarding purpose, time, and amount for employment of appropriated funds.  FAR 31.702(a) directs contracting officers to obtain written assurance from responsible fiscal authority that adequate funds are available.  Many commands with contracting authority have comptrollers as their responsible fiscal authority.  The comptroller is charged with ensuring the purpose, the timing, and the amount of the funds are appropriate for their intended use before providing written assurance to the contracting officer.

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