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    On a services contract, what authority do you use to exercise an option task that does not extend the period of performance? FAR 17.207(g) says the contract modification shall cite the option clause as authority. However, FAR 52.217-8 and 52.217-9 speak to "continued performance of any services" and "extend the term of this contract" respectively. Not exercising a new option task that does not impact the period of performance. Furthermore, FAR 52.217-7 does allow for exercising Optional Separately Priced Line Items, but the prescription at 17.208(e) says to use the clause in solicitations and contracts, other than those for services. What authority do you cite in a modification to exercise an option CLIN that does not continue the performance of a service or extend the term of the contract?


    The clause at FAR 52.217-9 addresses exercising an option that is within the scope (including the period of performance) of the contract. It gives the Government the right to unilaterally exercise one or more options. Perhaps a review of FAR 17.204 will provide some clarity.

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