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    Should the instructors in this scenario also be paid $100/hr for the travel time to get to the training location? Is there a common practice on government contracts when it comes to billing and paying for hours spent commuting to and from locations?


    Answer:  I don’t know why you would want to use a time and materials contract for training.  An IDIQ contract with a fixed price per training session and a CLIN for travel and materials would work.  A Task order would be written each time you needed training at a location. You would already know the price for the training and the contractor would provide the Government with the travel costs and material costs.
    If you are using a time and materials contract you need to follow FAR 16.601 and it states “The contract shall specify separate fixed hourly rates that include wages, overhead, general and administrative expenses, and profit for each category of labor” Both your materials and travel would fall under the heading of materials. They would be the actual costs of materials. The labor rate while traveling would be the fixed hourly rate specified in the contract for that labor category.

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