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    There is much discussion in my agency about NSN requests, and at what point in the Acquisition Process they occur. At what point in the acquisition process (at MS C or after a CDD/CPD is approved?) and JCIDS process is it appropriate to request an NSN and why (what regulations define this)?


    As a standard practice and consistent with MIL-HDBK-502 [Product Support Analysis] series, DODM 4140.01 [Volume 2, DOD Supply Chain Materiel Management Procedures: Demand and Supply Planning], and DODM 4100.39 [Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS) Procedures] the first provisioning and demand planning occurs just after Milestone B (Engineering Manufacturing and Development Phase) or a similar maturation event since this is the point where a solution (end item) is selected (known) for further development, testing, and fielding.   Once a definitive design is determined and after exhaustive provisioning screening reveals no existing National Stock Number (NSN) exist for required support parts, prepare an assignment requests using item descriptions that distinguish items of supply from others already cataloged.  Those descriptions should include all known approved commercial and government identifying numbers (such as drawing number, standard part numbers, and universal product codes along with contractor and government entity codes).
    The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Logistics Information Services is responsible for all other cataloging tasks, which involve assignment and the maintenance and dissemination of item information needed for supply operations, such as descriptive and performance data, size, weight, cubage, packaging and packing data, a standard quantitative unit of measurement, and other necessary data.
    For additional information about NSN assignment request and associated processes use the following web address link:

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