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    Can you give a reason/example of why Defense Contract Management Agency would have contract admin over a contract if it is not listed in block 6 of the contract? Contract number is W56HZV19AJ007. Thanks.


    The first response I have is that normally Contract Administration is called out in Block 7 of a contract not Block 6.  Block 6 usually notes the procurement office that has issued the contract not the Administration office.  In either case, if DCMA is not listed on page 1 of your contract then DCMA would not have authority to administer the contract and no action should be taken to include any surveillance activity.  There are always exceptions to the rule.  In some rare cases the PCO has asked for quality support from DCMA even though DCMA is not the administrating office. This us usually done through a written agreement between DCMA and the PCO.  If you still have questions please talk to your Lead QAS or your FLS for further guidance.

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