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    In 17.5021, what does "agency" mean? If an Army contracting office supports an action for Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) or vice versa does a best procurement approach D&F apply?


    This can be confusing in that DoD is often referred to as an agency, yet DoD has "agencies" (e.g., DCMA, DTRA, DSCA) within it. But for purposes of assisted acquisitions, the Dept. of Defense is an "agency." When the FAR establishes a requirement for "agencies" it does not do so for individual components within DoD. That is left up to DFARS to do. If we look at DFARS 217.500(a) we see that DoD is considered its own agency, i.e., "...made for DoD by another agency [emphasis added]." More tellingly, the title of DFARS Subpart 217.7 is "INTERAGENCY ACQUISITIONS: ACQUISITIONS BY NONDEFENSE AGENCIES ON BEHALF OF THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE." DFARS 17.502-1 has a documentation requirement for assisted acquisitions made for another DoD component in a deployed environment, but that is different than the best procurement approach statement you are asking about. Check your own component's FAR supplement for any additional requirements.

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