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    I know that there are various pots of money that fund DAWDF, but what exactly is DAWDF? Is it an Investment (3010/3080) fund, or is it an O&M (3400) fund? Or does it depend on what is procured with the fund, i.e., training, equipment, salaries, that determines what type of fund it is? What is the availability of the funds, 2 years, 3 years, or until expended? Is it treated like a Working Capital Funds and monies are transferred or deposited into the fund at regular intervals? I looked in AFI 65-604, and could not find an appropriation line for DAWDF.


    Defense Acquisition Workforce Development Fund is specified in 10 USC 1705.  The law spells out clearly what the fund can be used for, how it is sourced and how long the funds can be used.  The following link provides you all the details (  I will summarize what it indicates in direct response to you specific questions.
    DAWDF was established to  provide funds, in addition to other funds that may be available, for the recruitment, training, and retention of acquisition personnel of the Department of Defense.  The purpose of DAWDF is to ensure that the Department of Defense acquisition workforce has the capacity, in both personnel and skills, needed to properly perform its mission, provide appropriate oversight of contractor performance, and ensure that the Department receives the best value for the expenditure of public resources.
    It is "funded" through required credits, transfers, or amounts appropriated, transferred or credited by law.  The funds, once transferred, credited, or appropriated into the fund, are good for 3 years of obligation.
    Again, I recommend reading the actual law (link above) as there are many components to DAWDF in terms of purpose, control and funding. 

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