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    Does an ACQUISITIONS CROSS-SERVICE AGREEMENT (ACSA) SPECIALIST need to have a certification? how does one become ACSA certified? Google and DAU searches do not indicate a "certification". If there is no certification, what skill sets does noe look for to "hire" the correct candidate?


    From the Office of The Secretary of Defense Web Portal: Acquisition and Cross-Service Agreements, collectively referred to as ACSAs, are applicable worldwide to acquire logistics support, supplies, and services directly from or provide them to a foreign government of organization (such as NATO or UN).
    Such logistics support “transfers” come into play primarily during wartime, combined exercises, training, deployments, contingency operations, humanitarian or foreign disaster relief operations, certain peace operations under the UN Charter, or for unforeseen or exigent circumstances. As a result, ACSA authority is almost always exercised by the Unified Combatant Commands.
    There must usually be a cross-servicing agreement and implementing arrangements, negotiated in accordance with authority delegated by DoD Directive 2010.9, to implement proposed transfers.
    Until such an agreement has been signed, logistics support, supplies, and services may be acquired from the nation or NATO entity, but not transferred to it.  Compensation for acquisitions or transfers under these arrangements may be either on a cost-reimbursement basis or by exchange of supplies or services of equal value. These agreements establish principles and provisions for effecting required support, but do not bind either party to any particular monetary value or number of transactions.
    ACSAs must primarily benefit the interest of DoD forward deployed commands and forces; they are not a grant program. Acquisitions or transfers must be either in cash, replacement-in-kind, or exchange of supplies or services of equal value in support of the operational needs of forward deployed forces. They may not be used to increase inventories, nor can DoD use them when the desired materiel or service is reasonably available from U.S. commercial sources. Most importantly, DoD acquisition personnel must ensure ACSAs are not used as a routine source of supply for a foreign or entity country.
    DoD Directive 2010.9, Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreements (paragraph 4.12 details Personnel Responsibilities) and CJCSI 2120.01, Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreements, provide complete details on duties and procedures for acquiring and transferring logistics support, supplies, and services under the authority of Title 10 USC 2341 and 2342.  The Joint Staff, J4 also has a reference portal with more information on ACSA(s).

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