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    What is required for a proposal to be adequate according to the Proposal Adequacy Checklist?


    DFARS 215.408 states that when a solicitation requires the submission of certified cost or pricing data, the KO should include 252.215-7009, Proposal Adequacy Checklist, to facilitate submission of a "thorough, accurate, and complete proposal." What is considered adequate is dependent upon the specific determinations of the agency, but the checklist provides a clear crosswalk among FAR and DFARS references to the submission item and the proposal page number. 
    Since each contractor submits individualized information in response to a specific solicitation, maintaining a "one size -fits all" example would not be feasible.  In fact, DLA no longer even maintains the checklist.
    If you are seeking a resource to orient you to proposals that have been deemed sufficient by your organization, I recommend that you contact your pricing or policy office to see if they can refer you to an existing submission that is similar in scope and size to your current solicitation.

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