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    Can ERRC code items be serialized, and is there any value to have them serialized?? Thanks


    The Expendability, Recoverability, Repairability, Category (ERRC) designator was developed by the Air Force to categorize its assets into various management groupings. These codes are used in conjunction with the Source/Maintenance & Recoverability (SMR)  coding structure and are usually defined from the initial assignment of the SMR codes.  ERRC Designators (3 position code) and ERRC Codes (a single position code) are completely interchangeable. Generally the three-position is used in correspondence and publications and the single position is used in online databases, apps and automated data processing systems, but their meanings are identical.
    Whether long- or short-form, these codes determine the type of management used throughout the logistics cycle, designate the methodology to be employed in computing requirements, and are also used in the accumulation and reporting of asset and usage data. ERRC designators are three-position indicating: expendable/non-expendable; the 2nd position indicates items recoverable through repairs and the lowest maintenance repair level to condemn an item; and the 3rd position indicates how the item is tracked, e.g., through Serialized Control and Reporting System (SCARS), AF Recoverable Assembly Management System (AFRAMS), AF Equipment Management System (AFEMS), Stock Fund, etc.
    Thus it is extremely important that the ERRC designators be correctly assigned, since they are a key element in determining how an item will be managed, as a consumable/expensed or as an repairable/investment cost item. ERRC designators that begin with "X" are considered expendable items, either consumed in use or which will become a part of a higher assembly during its period of use. Items having an ERRC designator that begins with an "N" are considered nonexpendable, that is, they are neither consumed in use nor do they lose their identity by installation on a higher assembly during their periods of use. The primary references for further ERRC information are -
    - DoD Manual 4100.39, Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS) (
    - AFI 23-101, Air Force Materiel Management (
    - USAF Handbook 23-123, Materiel Management Vol 1 Materiel Management Reference Information (
    ERRC codes are applicable to either repairable or consumable items. While either may be, repairable items (e.g., ERRC code "N") are likely to be tracked by serial number and, when required or desirable, serial number tracking is not impacted by nor does it influence ERRC codes. Managing components by serial number facilitates tracking and traceability of individual items (location, modification and configuration, age, status, etc.) back from point of origin, through distribution and wholesale channels and even to the customer or end user, in either direction along the supply chain. Ramifications include maintenance and procurement efficiencies that may improve system availability or reduction of procurement quantities required vs. a given availability goal.

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