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    in the UFC 1-900-02 from 2003 it clearly stated that a DD 1354 for inventory adjustment does not require acceptance signatures (6-3.17) and also that for real property adjustments signed by the RPAO in block 24, enter NA in the 3 blocks for acceptance (2-4.25). Where In the updated UFC 1-300-08 change 2001 version does it specifically say that there is no requirement for an accepted signature when doing an inventory adjustment with no construction or real property transfer involved. Is there somewhere that gives a better guidance on there only being one signature on a 1354 when doing an inventory adjustment? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


    The DD Form 1354 is a critical form. It is used to accept new construction assets or capital improvements, transfer real property assets between services, or document inventory adjustment assets into the real property inventory (valuations are typically used for capitalization purposes for placing assets into service). This form is the equivalent of the DD Form 250 (used for non-real property), and it vital for DoD organizations to document property existence and valuation (Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness = one of DoD's top priorities). The UFC reference attached is form 2011.  This is the most current that I could find while the student referneces the outdated guidance from 2001 and 2003. In my opinion, signatures are both needed by both the requesting and accepting party with the DD Form 1354.  This is important because of audit purposes and maintaining a paper trail. If the accepting party makes inventory adjustments by itself without confirmation or reconciliation by the requesting party, this may cause problems.
    Hopefully this is helpful. Let us know if the BCEFM DEP can provide anything else.

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