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    When must a CDRL be added to a contract?


    The Contract Data Requirement List (CDRL) identifies which data products must be delivered by the contractor to the government. Often the CDRL will include the timing and format required for the data deliverables. DD Form 1423 is used and provides a standardized way to clearly itemize the government's data requirements. It's also useful by grouping all data requirements in a single place rather than having them scattered throughout the solicitation or contract. DFARS 215.470(b) states: "When data are required to be delivered under a contract, include DD Form 1423, Contract Data Requirements List, in the solicitation." DFARS Part 215 supplements FAR Part 15, and FAR Part 15 applies to all negotiated acquisitions, regardless of dollar value. So the dollar value of the contract is not a factor for the CDRL requirement of DFARS 215.470(b).

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