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    I have an equipment item that is used on more than one program but doesn't have a National Stock Number (NSN). Must an equipment item have a NSN assigned for it to be considered Common Support Equipment (CSE)?


    Yes, Both common support equipment items need to be assigned a separate NSN because they are on more than one program (different missions and locations) and they need to be uniquely identified (IUID) and separately accounted for.
    Here is the input from DLA Customer Support (877) 352-2255:
      "BLUF: Public Law requires that an Item recurrently used, bought,
      stocked, or distributed by the Department of Defense must be cataloged
      with an NSN.
      USC Title 10 145 #In cataloging, the Secretary shall name, describe,
      classify, and number each item recurrently used, bought, stocked, or
      distributed by the Department of Defense, so that only one distinctive
      combination of letters or numerals, or both, identifies the same item
      throughout the Department of Defense. Only one identification may be
      used for each item for all supply functions from purchase to final
      disposal in the field or other area. The catalog may consist of a number
      of volumes, sections, or supplements. It shall include all items of
      supply and, for each item, information needed for supply operations,
      such as descriptive and performance data, size, weight, cubage,
      packaging and packing data, a standard quantitative unit of measurement,
      and other related data that the Secretary determines to be desirable."

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