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    Since I am not actually obligating any money at the time of award, what dollar amount should I enter info FPDS-NG for the "Base and all Options Value (Total Contract Value)" and what should I enter for "Total Estimated Order Value"?


    Requirements contracts are a specific type of indefinite delivery contract (IDC). Reporting obligations in FPDS-NG for indefinite delivery contracts is done as delivery or task orders are written and funds are obligated in support of any order or subsequent orders placed under the requirements IDC. The amount you obligate would be the amount you would enter in FPDS-NG.

    For further information and guidance, the DFARS PGI paragraph 204.602 provides general information on FPDS-NG reporting requirements, paragraph 204.604 provides responsibilities and paragraph 204.606 provides information on reporting data. The Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) website at provides useful documents and on-line training to assist with FPDS data entry.

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