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    Is there any stipulation on exercising options for severable services after the basic IDIQ contract expires? I found regulations about severable services at FAR 37.106 (b) , FAR 32.703-3: (b) , DFARS 232.703-3 (b) but I didn't find anywhere that we can't exercise option period after the basic contract expires.


    You should not use an option in a task order to change the ordering period of the contract under which the order was issued. Task orders are subordinate to contracts. Contracts are not subordinate to task orders.
    Effective Period: The effective period of this contract, as referenced in clause XX, FAR 52.216-22, "Indefinite-Quantity," paragraphs (a) and (d), is from 0600hrs DD/MM/YYYY to 1800hrs DD/MM/YYYY.
    It doesn't matter how long the period is as long as long as it is clearly and unambiguously stated in the Schedule. (FAR provides no guidance.) The date entered in clause paragraph (d) should then depend on the kinds of tasks that are to be issued under the contract. It could be set 12 months after the end of the effective date, or longer. All that matters about that paragraph (d) date is that it be long enough after the last day of the ordering period to permit completion of an order issued on the last day.
    DFARS 252.216-7006, Ordering specifies the IDIQ ordering period.
    A contracting officer may issue a task order within the ordering period (the "effective period" of FAR 52.216-22( d )) of the parent FSS schedule contract even if the period of performance of that order goes beyond the end date of the parent schedule contract's ordering period.
    As such, with regard to the reference to your particular question, DAU cannot advise in matters that deal with agency-level guidance. You should seek clarification from your functional representatives or legal in higher headquarters

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