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    Can you assist with providing an ideal NAICS and FSC for the procurement of news clipping subscriptions? I am only interested in the end product and not the service behind the scenes to identify pertinent news articles for my customer organization and compile them for view.


    I understand the effort to classify this a supply verses a service, but I would be hesitant not to go with a service.  Someone has to source the new articles, other print (i.e., magazines, trade brochures, etc.) collect them, sort them and publish for consumption in your agency. As such, 519190 and R612 fits nicely as service.
    As you referred to in your inquiry, the bulleted items below are illustrative examples of this classification.
    •  News clipping services
    •  Telephone-based information services
    •  Stock photo agencies
    Definition of NAICS Code 519190: This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing other information services (except news syndicates, libraries, archives, Internet publishing and broadcasting, and Web search portals).

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