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    Does there need to be a MS-C ADM? If there isn't a MS-C ADM, then how are the tailored set of statutory & regulatory documentation verified as complete? What decision / determination is required?


    The Acquisition Strategy should have laid out the tailored acquisition approach for this program from the outset in terms of the necessary phases and milestones. The MDA must have approved the initial strategy and any subsequent changes to the cost, schedule or performance of the program. It appears that this program should have entered the acquisition lifecycle at MS-C (instead of MS-A) since the sensors were already fielded. Without knowledge of the approach in the Acquisition Strategy, it is difficult to answer this question fully.  Additional details explaining the lack of a MS-B ADM (a regulatory requirement) would be helpful in addressing this question.

    As far as the need for a MS-C Acquisition Decision Memorandum (ADM), Yes, there is a regulatory requirement for this document as well at MS-C (DoDI 5000.02 Enclosure 1, Table 2). According to the instruction “The ADM will document specific criteria required for Milestone C approval including needed test accomplishments, LRIP quantities, affordability requirements, and FYDP funding requirements.” As there are no production considerations since “the item is fielded” the MDA should document in the MS-C ADM decisions and direction going forward in terms of deployment of the sensors. Specifically, the MS-C ADM should focus on consideration by the MDA of any new validated threat environments that were not included in the CDD that might affect operational effectiveness. The MDA should also consult with the requirements validation authority to ensure that capability requirements are current (DoDI 5000.02, para (10)(a)1.).

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