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    I am working in a program office in which we are fielding the AH-64E. I have always provided a "New Equipment CFSR" for 1 year to a newly fielded unit. My acquisition office is asking me for a "requirement" document. I have scoured Army regulations and can't find the requirement. Can you help me on this issue please?


    AR 700-4, Logistics Assistance, is a governing reference for the Logistics Assistance Program, (LAP), which includes Contractor Field Service Representatives (CFSR), defined as “…those employees of a manufacturer or supplier of military equipment or components who provide full-time on-site liaison or advisory services between their company and the military users of their company’s equipment or components”.  The reference describes the extensive LAP network of personnel and expertise available to Army commands, including Logistics Assistance Offices (LAO), Logistics Support Elements (LSE), Brigade Logistics Support Teams (BLST), and so forth, indicating that contractor engineering and technical services, to include CFSR, are authorized for introduction and transfer of engineering and technical knowledge when LAP capability is not otherwise available or cannot be developed in timely fashion. The reference does not stipulate use of CFSR, rather it bounds it - providing specific circumstances under which CFSR may be utilized and describing how their use will be limited, for example, by ensuring that during the contract period “…using and providing commands will develop in-house capabilities to support the system/equipment after contractor support expires.” and mandating a working relationship conducive to transfer of technical knowledge to build user sustainment capability and gain “in-house” capability.

    The AR 700-4 ( reference provides specific guidelines for LAP/CFSR programs, and details the ancillary issues, for example indicating that programming and budgeting procedures for logistics assistance personnel are prescribed in AR 37-100, manpower requirements are developed in accordance with AR 570-4, the germane DoD FAR supplement and public law sections, etc.  Additionally, the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) ACQuipedia article on Engineering Technical Services (ETS), Field Service Representatives (FSR), and Logistics Assistance Representatives (LAR) Representatives ( provides additional references and a more detailed summary of the topic.

    Use of Contractor Field Service Representatives is optional, common and useful, even vital, in some scenarios, but based on varying program circumstances it is not necessarily an appropriate part of every procurement or fielding plan.

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