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    Does DAU have now, or will have in the future, courses on Risk Management Framework and NIST contracting requirements and appliction in the development life cycle? The is rapidly becoming a critical issue for developers, like DISA and the Air Force's Kessel Run efforts.


    DAU currently has a 16 hour online course called Risk Management Framework for Practitioners (ISA 220).  Other online courses that we currently offer include Cybersecurity Throughout DoD Acquisition (CLE 074),  Program Protection Planning Awareness (ACQ 160), Supply Chain Risk Management for Information Communications Technology (CLE 080), and Software Assurance (CLE 081).  We are also working on a level 2 Program Protection Planning for Practitioners course (ENG 260), that we be deployed sometime this summer.


    The major effort of the Acquisition Cybersecurity team has been in developing 1 to 3 day cybersecurity workshops.  A list of 8 of these workshops is included below:


    WSS 001 Cybersecurity and Acquisition Integration WSS 002 Advanced Cybersecurity Risk Management Workshop WSS 003 Information System Security Manager (ISSM) WSS 004 Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Risks WSS 005 Program Protection WSS 006 Cybersecurity Experiment (CYBEX) WSS 007 Cyber Table Top WSS 008 Controlled Defense Information


    The ICatalog link to these course is below.  WSS 002 may be of particular interest to you.  A summary of each of the courses listed can be also be accessed via this link.




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