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    (1) What funding type(APA/RDTE/OMA) is appropriate for this technical refresh? (2) Is the Program Manager Responsible for doing system technical refreshes throughout the life cycle? If so, what regulation or instruction defines this?




    Question 1

    (1)  There are very similar and relevant AAP Questions and answers provided on the DAU Website at the following links that provide further information ;!details|17325. The question on the DAU Website begins with “Title - What Appropriation should be used for Hardware Technical Refresh? Question - What is the appropriate type of color of money to use? Scenario - Program is refreshing a computer system during operating and support phase.” This AAP question provides information directly discussing Operations and Maintenance (O&M) funding as the correct appropriation to use for Tech Refresh activities.

 !details|13250. This AAP question relates to “Performing tech refresh within 5 years of end of life,” and it also provides a great deal of information from the Defense Acquisition Guidebook (DAG) provides some general guidance in Section Product Support (, The Program Manager's Guide to A Modular Open Systems Approach to Acquisition (, and there is also an online Continuous Learning module - CLL 019 "Technology Refreshment Planning" available from DAU.  The module provides an overview and introduction to technology refreshment as it applies across the weapon system lifecycle. The module covers basic concepts, regulatory material, planning for and applications used in technology refreshment.


    Question 2

    (2) The first referenced link above provides relevancy to the DoD Financial Management Regulations (DoD 7000.14 – R, Chapter 2A, Volume 1, dated January 2011/2008; Section 010201.D.3.c; page 1-23), Army Regulation 750-10, Maintenance of Supplies and Equipment, Army Modification Program, dated 5 August 2013, provides guidance for Continuous Technology Refreshment (CTR), and there is a research paper by Yen-Chou Chou, a member of the DAU Senior Service College Fellowship Program discussing the Impact of Technology Refreshment on the Defense Acquisition Life Cycle, dated May 2013,

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