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    I am in USACE and our USACE Acquisition Instruction (UAI) Part 2 only talks about Administrative Contracting Officers (ACO) for construction contracts. We typically only appoint ACOs to construction contracts but I am being asked if we an appoint an ACO to a service (environmental remediation) contract. Is it possible to appoint an ACO to a service contract and what is the authority/reference (FAR/DFAR/AFAR/UAI) allowing this?


    An ACO can be appointed to a service contract. However, generally, this individual will be an 1102 and not the engineer 700 series that USACE is accustomed to using. For instance, on the Balkins contract (located in Kosovo), USACE assigned three ACOs to administer the contract. All three were 1102 series. USACE is unique in that the ACOs on construction contracts are often an engineer authorized to hold a warrant by the EFARS. In many organizations for DoD, the ACO is DCMA. In other instances, an ACO must be appointed due to proximity of the project - awarded in USA and administered over seas. The CO must determine the need and act accordingly. The administrative functions that are normally delegated to an ACO are listed in FAR 42.302. There are 81 of them so we're not going to list them all.

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