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    What is the percentage rule for how much CR is received in the new year, (is it 90% of the total appropriated amount received on the program the year prior?) What is the language for CR involving a New Start Program?


    It really becomes important for Financial Managers to actually read the language in the Continuing Resolution Authority passed into law.  Congress can allow anything that they deem necessary or desired.  Comparing the language between the CRA from Fiscal Year 2016 and 2018, it is remarkably the same.  Both reference specifically no new starts or activities that did not have appropriated dollars approved in the prior year law.  Both CRAs specified a reduction in the rate of spending from the year prior, however the rates were different in those CRAs.  The bottomline is, while the CRAs read very much alike and there are lots of consistencies between them, you have to read the language to see how it reads.

    The other aspect with CRAs is how the money actually gets apportioned to the departments.  The Office of Management and Budget (and then all headquarter units in between OMB and a Unit/Program Office) can hold back funds as necessary to comply with the language and controls Congress incorporates into the CRA.  

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