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    Can an O&M funded task order be extended beyond the 12 month period of performance (PoP) specified in the task order if there are required deliverables oustanding at the end of the PoP, and there are labor hours and dollars still available on the task order within the awarded ceiling?


    You awarded a task order and funded it with a current year O&M obligation.  The period of performance (PoP) was twelve months. You now have funds and hours remaining on the task order. If it is your intent to add additional work to the task order to utilize the now expired funds, you would be violating the TIME rule because the period of availability for new work has passed. I suggest that discuss with your Budget person and read the associated DoD Financial Management Regulation (Vol. 2A, chapter 1, para. 010107.B.25).

    On the other hand, if the contractor will be just completing the present O&M funded task past 12 months without any further modification or funding action on your part, I believe you’ll be okay. The additional PoP should be reasonable in order to conclude the work and you should seek consideration for late delivery. Coordinate the aforementioned with your budget POC and contracting officer. 

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