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    Are there any prohibitions from purchasing software from Russia, China, or any other country?



    The response is based on the background information given.  For any acquisitions to be purchased from a foreign source, review FAR/DFARS Part 25 and your agency's supplement and look for prohibited sources associated with software purchases.    In general, there is no restriction when procuring commercial IT from foreign sources (FAR 25.103(e)).  DFARS is currently restricting the US government from procuring certain commercial saterllite services from foreign sources to include the Russian Federation (DFARS 225.772).  Outside the FAR/DFARS guidelines, I strongly suggest to consult your agency's cyber security experts to see if that Sharepoint helpdesk application poses any vulnerabilities or threats when connected to DoD networks.  Consult with US Army CECOM and look for any restrictions dealing with IT purchases.  At the same time, research and validate that particular Russian vendor through standard vetting process (i.e. SAM).  Checked that vendor's prior past performance history's dealings with other federal customers.  Hope this helps. 


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