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    I see plenty of definitions for A&E Services as Title I, II, or III but cannot find a reference for those definitions. Searched the FAR, DFARS, AAFARS, CFRs, and the Brooks Act. The only place I can find a reference is in a NAVFAC manual from 1985. Can someone provide a reference for the definition of Title I, II, and III A&E Services?


    Title I - Design Services

    § – Preliminary Design including Pre-Design, Schematic Design and Design Development.

    Title II - Supervision and Inspection Services

    § Associated with project under construction.  Construction Documents including construction drawings, specifications, and cost estimate

    Title III - Construction Management documentation including submittal review and inspection

     Fee attributable to the producing and delivering designs, plans, drawings, and specifications cannot exceed the statutory limitation of six percent of the estimated construction costs

    However, no one can provide a reference. I have gone to both DoD (NAVFAC, NAVSUP) as well as non-DoD (Natl Park Service) activities who have utilized these terms in recent solicitations.  While they have used the terms,  both report they dont have references and that those titles are not regularly used.  The most recent reference I can find is from the same 1985 NAVFAC document.  The definitons are available at multiple sources, but the reference is ancient.  


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