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    What is the difference between a stop work and a suspension of work?


    FAR 42.1302 -- Suspension of Work.

    A suspension of work under a construction or architect-engineer contract may be ordered by the contracting officer for a reasonable period of time. If the suspension is unreasonable, the contractor may submit a written claim for increases in the cost of performance, excluding profit.

    FAR 52.242-14, Suspension of Work, gives the Government this right.


    FAR 42.1303 -- Stop-Work Orders.

    (a) Stop-work orders may be used, when appropriate, in any negotiated fixed-price or cost-reimbursement supply, research and development, or service contract if work stoppage may be required for reasons such as advancement in the state-of-the-art, production or engineering breakthroughs, or realignment of programs.

    FAR 52.242-15, Stop-Work Order, gives the Government this right.

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