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    Is there a DAU Demilitarization Plan?


    There is no standard format for programs to use for disposal/demilitarization plans.  They should be tailored to each program depending on any unique characteristics or system design factors.

    The PM should begin identifying and addressing disposal considerations early in the design, at the Technology Maturation and Risk Reduction (TMRR) Phase. Identification of Disposal options at this phase could provide valuable input to system design. As the Program matures, the Disposal Plan will document the activities required that will address disposal situations (washouts and entire system).

    A draft Disposal Plan is initially developed at MS B, and evolves as the system and its support are developed. The Disposal Plan is a living document that continues to be reviewed and updated, as appropriate, throughout the Operations & Support Phase.

    Several references are available to aid in the development and execution of a plan.  Recommend reviewing the following:  DoDM 4160.21 Disposal and DoDM 4160.28 Demilitarization.  Also, AR 700-144, Chapter 5 has detailed guidance on topics/areas to cover in a disposal/demil plan.  Finally, DLA Disposition Services can aid if requested.

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