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    Is there a DAU or other DoD course aimed teaching how to complete a PESHE?


    I am unaware of any such training. However, the guidance in section 4.14 of AFI63-101/20-101, Integrated Life Cycle Management applies for Air Force programs. It directs that the content requirements established in DoDI 5000.02 be followed. Section E3: 16.a of DoDI 5000.02 states: "The PESHE will include at a minimum identification of ESOH risks and their status; and, identification of hazardous materials, wastes, and pollutants (discharges/emissions/noise) associated with the system and its support as well as the plans for minimization and/or safe disposal." Absent more specific guidance or training, there is considerable leeway in writing the evaluation to adequately address the various ESOH elements.

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