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    Is a pre-packaged operator training course that provides deliverables to include user manual, CD-ROM, Flash Drive, Ettus Research Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) B200 mini, Antenna, Bootable USB Drive (For Class use), Bootable CD/DVD-ROM (for work use), Textbooks/binders of course material considered a supply or a service acquisition?


    FAR 37.101 “Service contract” means a contract that directly engages the time and effort of a contractor whose primary purpose is to perform an identifiable task rather than to furnish an end item of supply. A service contract may be either a nonpersonal or personal contract. It can also cover services performed by either professional or nonprofessional personnel whether on an individual or organizational basis. Some of the areas in which service contracts are found include the following:
    (1) Maintenance, overhaul, repair, servicing, rehabilitation, salvage, modernization, or modification of supplies, systems, or equipment.
    (2) Routine recurring maintenance of real property.
    (3) Housekeeping and base services.
    (4) Advisory and assistance services.
    (5) Operation of Government-owned equipment, real property, and systems.
    (6) Communications services.
    (7) Architect-Engineering (see Subpart 36.6).
    (8) Transportation and related services (see Part 47).
    (9) Research and development (see Part 35).

    If you are only buying the items you referenced above and not asking the contractor to actually conduct the training, then it would be a supply contract (it would be like bying a language DVD from Rosetta Stone).  But if the contractor is going to be teaching (or training) the operators then you are paying them to perform that task and it would be a service contract despite the fact there are materials involved.

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