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    Is a Core Logistics Analysis a Statutory or Regulatory requirement for acquisition programs that do not meet the definition of an MDAP, and if so, what is the source of this requirement please?


    While non MDAP programs are not required to conduct a core logistics assessment, both the MDA and the PM are within their statuatory authority to require such an assessment to be conducted.  Recommend that the program ADM's be researched to determine if a CLA was ever discussed/decided upon.

    Enclosure 1, para 3.a Table 2, DoDI 5000.02:  " lists the statutory and regulatory requirements at each of the milestones and other decision points during the acquisition process. In consultation with the appropriate stakeholders, program managers may propose for MDA approval, tailoring of Regulatory program information. MDAs will document all information tailoring decisions."

    Para 4 b 5000.02:  MDAs should tailor regulatory procedures in the document consistent with sound business practice and the risks associated with the product being acquired.

    Par 5. a. 2 (a) 5000.02:   MDAs will tailor program strategies and oversight, including program information, acquisition phase content, the timing and scope of decision reviews and decision levels, based on the specifics of the product being acquired, including complexity, risk factors, and required timelines to satisfy validated capability requirements.

    Para 5.a.4 (a) 5000.02: The MDA is the sole and final decision authority. Staff members and staff organizations support and facilitate the MDA's execution of that authority

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