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    1. Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) in FAR is for EVM contracts only...most of ours are FFP $200M and up...can IBR be used on any contract type if high dollar value? 2. How is best way to incorporate these Baselines referenced above into contract, SEP; SOW/CDRLs? 3. I referenced DAG, MIL-HDBK 61, ANSI/EIA-649, and all call out using these baseline reviews as best management practices...Does a contract NOT being EVM preclude incorporation into a contract? Thanks.


    1) Typically in DoD IBR is closely tied to EVMS.  DFARS 234.201(1)(iv) EVM is "discouraged" but not prohibited.  It further explains the waiver process/procedures.  Yes, IBR can be used on any contract type when it makes program and business sense.

    2)  The Guide to the Integrated Baseline Review (IBR), February 6, 2015, Revision 2 ( Chapter 2 explains how to initiate IBR.  You could use these or what you suggested as a question as a way to initiate and require information to be delivered under contract.

    3) As alluded to in the answer to the previous questions; a contract not subject to EVM does NOT preclude use of IBR.  But you will need to justify the use for the program and contract file.

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