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    Are the terms Combat Development and Developer (CBTDEV) used any longer? If so, in what instances are they proper to use?


    Answer:  Conducting searches through the DAU.MIL website for the relevant terms mentioned in your AAP question resulted in mixed outcomes.  I will provide some definitions as laid out by various Army Regulations and other documents to provide context , which serves as an online encyclopedia of common defense acquisition topics.




    The terms Combat Development and Capability Developer seem, in most instances, to be terms used most commonly and associated with Army and Marine Corps requirements and capability development systems and organizations.  The Army’s Acquisition Regulation, AR 70-1, Army Acquisition Policy, dated 10 August 2018, discusses capability development in a number of places.  The Army’s Test and Evaluation Regulation, AR 73-1, Test and Evaluation Policy, dated 8 June 2018, under TRADOC responsibilities, states “The CG, TRADOC is the Army's primary CAPDEV, trainer, and operational architect for current and future forces, where CAPDEV is an acronym for Capability Developer.  AR 71-3, Warfighting Capabilities Determination, dated 28 December 2009, defines Combat developer (CBTDEV) as a command or agency that formulates and documents, operational concepts, doctrine, organizations, and or materiel requirements (ICD, CDD, CPD) for assigned mission areas and functions. Represents the end user during acquisition of during acquisition of their approved materiel requirements and serves as the subject matter expert for doctrine and organization developments.  It also defines Combat development as the process of analyzing, determining, and prioritizing Army requirements for, doctrine, training, leader development, organizations, Soldier development, and equipment and executing or (in the case of doctrine, training and materiel, initiating) solutions, within the context of the force development process.  This regulation also defines Capability developers as the term used to include combat and training developers.




    Also, a quick word search of the CJSCI 5123.01H, Charter of the Joint Requirements Oversight Council (JROC) and Implementation of the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS), dated 31 August 2018 and the JCIDS Manual, Manual for the Operation of the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System , dated 31 August 2018 reveals the term "capability developer" in each.  The term "combat developer" is NOT in either document.  From the Joint perspective the term is most definitely "capability developer."




    If the Army chooses to continue to use the term "combat developer" while not incorrect, it is not consistent with the JCIDS.




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