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    5307.104-93 Air Force Procedures for Acquisition Plans (AP). (1) Additional actions that do not require streamlined or formal/written Acquisition Plans are: (ii) Acquisitions in accordance with FAR Subpart 13.5. Simplified Procedures for Certain Commercial Items. I believe this reference is now outdated as I can no longer locate it in the AFFAR. Rather I am getting a table that I believe is requiring an AcqPlan for all commodities over the SAT but not a SASS. Is there anywhere else that waives this requirement? Not sure that I fully grasp the difference between an AcqPlan and a SASS. Any clarification would be helpful, especially if this requirement is waived elsewhere?


    From a DoD-level perspective, we agree with your assessment that FAR Part 13 Simplified Acquisition Procedures (SAP) as described in FAR Part 13.5 should apply, and that an Acquisition Plan should not be required.

    The question you pose highlights an apparent inconsistency in AF acquisition policy documentation that implements the FAR and DFARS.  While we agree with your assessment, we recommend you work through the AF contracting community "chain-of-command" to confirm the fact that an Acquisition Plan is not required when buying commercial commodities above the SAT.

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