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    I keep seeing code N/S in block 7 referring to the DD Form 250 Requirement. I cannot find any explanation or mention of such a code in any official guidance. What does N/S mean?


    While N/S is not stated in the lists of applicable sources, the generally acceptable meaning for N/S is not specified. Below is a list of applicable codes that are supposed to be used in the DD 1423:

    SS *Source(DD Form 250) *Source(DD Form 250);  DD Destination(DD Form 250) Destination(DD Form 250)

    SD *Source(DD Form 250) Destination(DD Form 250);  DS Destination(DD Form 250) *Source(DD Form 250)

    LT Letter of Transmittal only;

    NO No inspection or acceptance required

    XX Inspection/acceptance requirements specified elsewhere in the contract.

    *Source indicates contractor's facility,

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