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    Do you know? 1. Where can I find guidelines regarding when to include Operation Service Life requirements in a solicitation? 2. Where can I find guidelines for the preparation of an Operational Service Life Analysis.


    Please refer to MIL-STD-1796A(USAF) Avionics Integrity Program (AVIP).  AVIP identifies the design tasks needed to achieve high reliability, long life, safe operation and supportability of aviation electronics in operational environments. The task and product requirements in this standard are to be referenced or copied into statements of work and other contractual documents.


    AVIP requires:

    a.  Environmental design and qualification

          1)  Defining the total environment

          2)  Designing to ensure equipment will operate in the required environment

          3)  Verifying (often by test) that equipment operates in and survives the environment

    b.  Durability/life requirements to ensure equipment will meet design life requirements in the defined environment.

    c.  Impact on integrity of implementing requirements such as lead-free electronics and anti-tamper.

    d.  Identification and management of flight/safety critical functions, parts obsolescence, and parts integrity.

    e.  Follow-up control through maintenance, inspection, and data gathering from the deployed force.


    This standard replaces the Avionics/Electronics Integrity Process (AVIP) handbook, MIL-HDBK-87244.  This new version of AVIP revives the original MIL-STD-1796 number and title and is, once again, a standard which can be cited as a contractual requirement.


    AVIP is focused on the “integrity” performance requirements (tolerate the environment, perform reliably, etc.), as opposed to “mission” performance requirements (e.g., radar range, navigation accuracy, communication capability, etc.).  The document focuses on tasks to be performed to define and achieve avionics integrity rather than focusing on specification requirements.


    The need for consistent application of these system engineering techniques is driven by the user’s requirement for systems with high mission-capable rates, high availability rates and low support cost.


    The AVIP requirements and process tasks are to be used in conjunction with the other integrity program documents as part of a balanced systems engineering process to foster an engineering and manufacturing climate that is consistent with integrated program development concepts.


    AVIP will also support certification of avionics to MIL-HDBK-516, Airworthiness Certification Criteria.



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