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    Is this normal, should there be anything in those sections? The Statement of Work perhaps? What if we need data from the offeror because we don't have history, market data, etc.?


    If you are conducting a competitve 8(a) contract, then you would have Sections L & M in the solicitation.  If it is a sole source 8(a) contract, then no Section L or M would be needed in the solicitation.  The Statement of Work does not go in either Section L or M.

    If you need data from the offerors to establish a fair and reasonable price, you can ask that from them just like you would any other offeror in non 8(a) procurements.  If you don't have any market research data on prices of what you are buying, you can also ask if the SBA has any data for the industry on what your requirement is.  You can ask the PCO what language he/she is looking for in Sections L & M.  You can ask the offeror to provide the data you need.

    You ma use procedures in FAR 15.4 to determine if a price is fair and reasonable.

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