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    After an oral solicitation for a small business set-asiide service contract estimated to cost ~$3,000.00 ended, I realized that one of the contractors email was entered incorrectly and therefore they did not recieve the RFQ. We only solicited to 3 contractors after recieving confirmation from them that they're interested, only one responded, and as I mentioned only 2 actually recieved the RFQ. I'd like to resolicit to them but I'm struggling to find guidance for that process in the FAR or beyond. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


    If you can't make award based on what you have, you can resolicit them.  Since this is a simplified acquisition, the contracting officer has braoad discretion in fashinoning suitable evaluation procedures.  See FAR 13 for simplified procedures.  Please also note that if appropriate, you can use the purchase card for DoD for actions under $10,000.  See DPC purchase card guidance on class deviation,



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