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    Is there a purchase threshold on FEDSTRIP/MILSTRIP transactions and, if there is, where can I find this guidance at?


    Each of the services use MILSTRIP (Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures) as a means to submit requisitions to order many classes of supply items including clothing, individual equipment, repair parts and even controlled materials.  This system is used for both US Military and Foreign Military Sales customers.  As such, each of the services (Army, Navy, DLA) appear to have guidebooks online listing individual procedures governing the MILSTRIP process.  I didn't see that there were any individual references to dollar thresholds for MILSTRIP transactions.  This doesn't mean that your individual agency might not have certain guidelines in place that might restrict the ability to submit MILSTRIP requisitions for particular supplies so I'd advise you to check with the logistics or supply chain policy experts at your command.   

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