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    Requesting a DAU interpretation on if a COR appointment is required at the task order/delivery order level for a service, when one has already been appointed at the basic contract (e.g. IDIQ, BPA, etc.) level? FAR 1.602-2(d) says to designate and authorize a COR on "all contracts AND orders other than those that are firm-fixed price, and for firm-fixed price contracts AND orders as appropriate,........". When going to the DFARS, it simply points you to the direction of DFARS PGI 201.602-2 which states that "Contracting officers shall designate a COR for ALL service contracts, including both firm-fixed price and other than firm-fixed price contracts,.....". DoDI 5000.72 says to designate a COR for ALL service contracts, including construction, in multiple locations within the policy document. It also says to "ensure than a qualified COR is designated for ALL contracts OR orders placed for DoD requirements.....". I think the "OR" is what could potentially lead to some confusion. It also states "when an individual is designated as a COR for more than one contract (or more than one task or delivery order under a contract), a letter of designation must be provided for each contract (or task or delivery order)". Anyways, this all leads back to my basic question for DAU's interpretation of whether or not a COR must be appointed at the task order/deliver order level when one has already been appointed at the basic contract vehicle level. The definition of "contract" in FAR Part 2 seems to include orders. Thanks.


    In your question you summarize FAR, DFARS PGI and DODI 5000.72 references all which providing guidance for contracting officers in the appointment of CORs.  Contracting Officers are responsible to ensure adequate contract administration oversight is provided to the contracts and associated task orders for which they are responsible. The structure of the coverage, number and geographic location, duties and responsibilities of the CORs are up to the responsible Contracting Officer. COR responsibilities and duties vary based on the work being provided and the terms and conditions of the contract and any related task orders.  The Contracting Officer specifies the duties and responsibilities delegated to the COR in the appointment letter of authority and the COR acknowledges these duties and responsibilities in writing. The authorities delegated by the Contracting officer may not be further delegated or passed on by the COR.

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